Friday, February 4, 2011

Chocolate Chip Snow-More's - makes about 3 dozen

Well, we've been trapped here in Dallas since Tuesday morning.  No school, no driving, no nothing.  In fact, I could have almost guaranteed that from all the Facebook posts, there were a LOT of moms out there that had resorted to desperate measures to keep their sanity.  Only problem, is that their "solution" had quickly run out and had left them either depending on their husbands to run that "special" errand or, if you listened carefully, you might have heard distant screaming of those who had just snapped.  I was almost there yesterday, but then, as we all slept, a blanket of snow covered our city overnight.  We were warned that we might get only 1, maybe 2 inches, but no.... we woke up to 4+.  Now, I'm not comparing to those up east, but this is serious business down here.  Forget Santa, snow to kids in these parts is like hitting the lottery.  And as I reflect of the cabin fever we've endured for the past 4 days and possibly more, it's good to know that something as simple as snow can make you feel like a kid again.  And, what better way to reinvent a s'more than during times like these.  Cabin fever isn't so bad, at least for today.

(taken from the back of a Ghiradelli Chocolate Chip bag)

Marshmallow Filling:
You can make the ones I posted on December 18th OR;
Bagged marshmallows heated in mircrowave for about 45 seconds

Bake cookies according to package instructions.  Cool completely, then add marshmallow creme and top with another cookie.

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