Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Tribute to Lettuce with Dressing to Coat

As some of you may know, my landscaper husband built me a magnificent garden where I could experiment all summer long.  I started with seedlings in starter kits and nurtured them all as if they were 298 children waiting to be fed and loved, all in my tiny home.  Although I lost a few, I was blessed with numerous amounts of lettuces let alone vegetables.  My kids took great joy in caring for our leafy family and together we watched them take over their designated plot of land, producing a variety of edible goodness ranging from arugula, micro greens, red leaf, sorrel and chard.  Topped with homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelon radishes, we indulged in what may be our last homegrown salad of the summer.  Sure, we have the arugula to get us through these remaining summer months, but nothing puts a smile on your face to walk in your own backyard and whip up a salad to accommodate the evenings meal.  And, the kids now know the true meaning of "farm to table".  In these parts of Texas, even city folk need a little appreciation to such a gift.

Easy Salad Dressing You Can Whip Up in a Flash

Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper
Juice of one Lemon

Drizzle and season to taste your salad with the above ingredients ad toss.

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